Chopped Kale Salad Recipe Video

by Natalie Archer in

I absolutely love kale, however, this member of the cruciferous family can be hard for our bodies to digest when eaten raw. So, by chopping kale, it helps to breakdown my favorite dark leafy green, therefore,  making it easier on our digestive systems. Not to mention, it also makes for one super delicious salad!

You can find the full recipe here!

xo Natalie

Matcha Tea Latte Recipe Video

by Natalie Archer in ,

Did you know that just one serving of matcha contains more antioxidants than 10 cups of regular brewed green tea!? I absolutely love enjoying matcha on a daily basis whether its in a smoothie, rolled up in an energy bite, baked in a sweet treat, or in this simple matcha tea latte!

Check out the full blog post and recipe here!

xo Natalie