"Since working with Natalie and transitioning to a healthy lifestyle I have gained not only knowledge about health and health foods but I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence in myself due to this lifestyle. For years I had struggled with my weight and in turn, with my confidence. Natalie gave me the tools to let go of my not-so-healthy vegetarian lifestyle and learn about what will give me the most nourishment and make me feel my best, which for me was transitioning to a plant-based diet. The knowledge I have learned from Natalie during our three-month program has immensely changed my life for the better, and will help me to maintain my good health with confidence that this lifestyle works for me. Natalie is a wonderful coach to work with if anyone is looking into living a truly healthy lifestyle that they can continue throughout their lives. She is especially great for cancer patients and survivors, like myself, since she is able to relate to this shared experience and give guidance in a way not many coaches can. Natalie truly goes above and beyond and always let me know how much she believes in me and my ability to achieve my goals. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Natalie! When I first heard about her work and her personal story I knew it was no mistake that I was able to relate to her so much and knew now was the time to take control of my health. She was extremely supportive throughout our program together and was able to give me immense guidance and advice on how to live a fuller, healthier life. Being a college student can get extremely stressful and having Natalie by my side (via text and e-mail) made the transition to a plant-based lifestyle easy and actually made my life less stressful with newly gained energy and health."



"I was finally ready to get the ball rolling on improving my health after having spent years having an unhealthy relationship with food, fear foods, disordered eating, etc. This program is exactly what I needed and what worked for me. I have faced my fear foods (and learned to love them!) learned more about nutrition, gotten wonderful recipes, unlimited support and feedback, self care tips, meal and snack ideas for my family. It has set me on the right path for my health. Natalie was able to help me work towards these goals by listening to all of my concerns and learning about me and my life to help address all of my goals, teaching me about food combining, healthy fats, proteins etc, making recommendations for my every day life to make meal time faster, easier and less stressful, giving me advice on how to make all meals count, and be nutrient rich, and offering wonderful recipes to try out, not just for myself but for the whole family. I would describe Natalie as, easy to talk to, friendly, caring, helpful, inspiring, knowledgable, and professional." 



"Natalie has been so encouraging and so resourceful throughout the program as well as always being able to answer any question that I have whether it be about food or exercise. She is a very present coach and really pays attention to and takes into account your personal goals and sensitivities, likes, and dislikes and helps bring out the best in all of the above. I'd recommend Natalie to anyone who needs guidance and/or encouragement on their journey to good health, no matter where you are on your journey. I was already on the path to good health but I didn't know everything and that's where Natalie came in and really opened up so many lanes that I didn't even know where there. She is wonderful! Following Natalie's program, I lost weight, kept it off, am transitioning very smoothly into going dairy free, and have learned so much about superfoods and clean eating. I highly recommend taking advantage of all that her programs have to offer. Well worth it!"



"The biggest change I have noticed since beginning Natalie's program is how unusual having an "off" day is for me now. It hasn't taken long for me to get used to having great energy levels throughout my day, and just feeling good overall. Having clearer skin is a nice plus too! I know how good I feel since being plant-based, and of course it's always awesome to see your body respond so positively to changes. I am no longer stuck in a diet mentality or cycle for the first time in years - it's the most freeing feeling! Not only do I feel like I have the tools I need to maintain my weight in a healthy way, I know that I'm fueling my body and allowing it to function like it's designed to. Natalie is compassionate, easy to talk to and attentive. I know for a fact she is truly passionate about total health and only wants to see others succeed in their own personal journeys. Her advice is totally sound because she's probably already been through what you're struggling with or thinking through, and there's no better feeling than knowing that someone else is in your corner with something as radical as going plant-based (in our meat and dairy loving society). I would recommend Natalie to everyone! Definitely those struggling with dietary restrictions or autoimmune diseases, since I think plant-based nutrition is so beneficial for helping conditions like that."