Edible Flower Popsicles

I can not believe it is the end of August already!!! 

Where the heck has this summer gone?! The fall is admittedly my favorite time of year, however, there is still something slightly depressing about the near-end of summer. No more beach days, BBQ'S, flip flops, ripe stone fruits, or late night sunsets, and we have to wait an entire year to enjoy them again (insert crying emoji here).

Well, even though Autumn is quickly approaching, we still have a few warm weeks left to enjoy some refreshing summery snacks, and I am taking full advantage. 

I love food that is almost too pretty to eat. I said, almost.

These Edible Flower Popsicles are really, really good looking if you ask me, but they taste even better. They require only three(!!!) ingredients: coconut water, edible flowers, and an optional drop or two of stevia! 

Unlike most popsicles that are filled with fructose, these are completely dairy and refined sugar-free making them just about the healthiest pops around. 

Edible Flower Popsicles

(Makes 7 Popsicles)

17.5 ounces unsweetened coconut water, with pulp
edible flowers
1-2 drops stevia, or to taste


1. Place coconut water and optional stevia in a bowl and combine. Using a funnel or spoon, pour coconut water in each popsicle mold. 

2. Next add as many edible flowers as you'd like to each popsicle mold and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Insert popsicles sticks and place back in the freezer for about 6 hours or until frozen. 

Notes: To remove popsicles from molds, let them sit out for just a few minutes or run under lukewarm water for a couple of seconds.

If you are in need of a great ice pop mold, this is the one I use and love!

I hope you all enjoy these Edible Flower Popsicles! Be sure to tag @nutritiouslynatalie on Instagram so I can see your beautiful creations!

xo Natalie