6 Ways to Refresh Your Body, Mind, and Spirit..Fast!

Now that the holidays (a.k.a. the season of excessive eating and drinking) are over and the new year is here, you might still be feeling a little run-down, bloated, and in serious need of a refresh. You may also be thinking that the only way to make up for the last couple months is by going to the extremes. However, there are much simpler (and tastier) ways to detox than by going full speed ahead on the master cleanse. So before you send your body into total starvation mode, here are a few of my favorite ways to get back on track, and fast!

1. Catch some z's. 
The easiest way to feel more refreshed overnight is, well, overnight! A solid nights sleep is the key to restoring the body, reducing stress, and boosting overall health. Aim to be in bed by 9pm and avoid staring at those blue lights too close to bed time. Grab your favorite book, eye mask, and turn up that rain machine (I can't sleep without mine)! Also try not to set an alarm unless you have to. Just fall into deep, uninterrupted sleep. 

2. Drink up!
As soon as you wake in the morning, you should immediately drink 1 liter of water to rev up your metabolism and digestion. Most of the time we mistake dehydration for hunger, and by the time we are thirsty, our bodies are already very dehydrated. Read more about this topic in my wellness post about the benefits of lemon water.

3. Break a sweat.
Exercise is so important for our health, physically and mentally! For me, exercise is my meditation and a mandatory part of my daily routine. Whatever inspires you to move, just be sure to get out there and breathe, feel the burn, and sweat out those toxins!

4. Avoid alcoholic beverages.
Alcohol is such a social part of life. It's hard to turn down that night out with your friends, or your ritual cocktail at the end of a long day. Although alcohol is fine in moderation, it is extremely dehydrating and not to mention very inflammatory to the body. So, especially when you are trying to get back on track, lay off the tequila waters...at least during the week nights. 

5. Self-Care
You could drink all of the green juices and eat all of the superfoods in the world, but if you don’t take the time to love yourself then none of it will matter. Showing your body love and gratitude daily is essential to a happy and healthy life. A huge key in refreshing your body and more specifically your mind and spirit, is believing that you are worthy and deserving of it. Some of my favorite forms of self-care are dry brushing, meditating (I love the guided meditation app Headspace), oil-pulling, and fueling myself with lots of nutrient dense foods. No matter what it is, I dare you to do at least one thing every day that is for you and only you!

6. 5-Day Refresh
One of the best ways to reach optimal health is by crowding out processed and packaged junk with more pure, unrefined foods, and eliminating (or majorly reducing) dairy, gluten, animal protein, and refined sugars and grains. At the very least, I recommend starting each day with a big green smoothie, and aiming to have dark leafy greens on your plate at every meal. 
You may already have this step on lock, however, if you need a little assistance, my 5-Day Refresh gives you all the tools you need to succeed for Tip #6. Included in the Refresh is five days of whole, plant-based meals that are nutritionally designed to leave you feeling satisfied, refreshed and completely nourished (body, mind, spirit). If you struggle with low energy, constipation, bloating, depression, irritated skin, hormonal imbalance, or a weakened immune system, this plan is exactly what you need to restart your system and set you on a path to greater overall health! Also included in this 42-page digital download, is a detailed grocery shopping list, superfood index, dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists, detox tips, self care techniques, and two bonus recipes. 

xo Natalie

*Top photo by Jeremiah & Rachel Photography